Alaska owned and operated since 2007.  Kristy and Steven Simpson
opened BOUNCIN' BEARS in Palmer in September 2007.  Soon after
expanded into Anchorage, Palmer, and Wasilla.  Their first franchise
opened in Texas July 2010!
 Bouncin' Bears in Anchorage is no longer
owned or operated by Kristy and Steven Simpson.
What is Bouncin' Bears?
BOUNCIN' BEARS is a indoor inflatable play land that is filled with  huge
obstacle courses, 16 foot double-lane slides, 3 and under inflatables, castle
bouncers, and more!  

BOUNCIN' BEARS specializes in private Birthday Parties as well as Open
Jump Parties.  We can make every party special!  Our parties include
decorations, plates, drinks and more.  Visit our
Party Prices for more

We also have Open Jump Times daily to fit every Moms need
Ages 2-12: Colorful jumps and slides, climbing walls, and
games that test your strength, agility and skill. If you don’t
tell kids it’s exercise, they’ll never know this much fun is
good for them.
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